Trinational criteria catalog (2019)

The trinational criteria catalog defines cross-border standards for sustainable development and construction in 3Land and beyond. A joint review process for awarding the "nachhaltiges 3Land durable" label is also being developed.

Cover page of the Trinational Criteria Catalogue for Sustainable Building and Development

The 3Land partners developed a trinational criteria catalog under the leadership of IBA Basel. In addition to ecological aspects of sustainability, this also considers social and socio-political aspects. The jointly developed criteria are intended to help open up previously closed areas and improve their connectivity, prioritize pedestrian, bicycle and public transport, and shape the transformation process in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, urban development is to be user-oriented and cooperative. The criteria are described in detail in an expert manual and a brochure for the general public.

Goals of the certification process in German language

Based on the trinational criteria catalog, the 3Land project partners are working on a joint consultation and assessment process aimed at private and non-profit landowners and developers in Switzerland, Germany and France. With the “nachhaltiges 3Land durable” certificate, sites, buildings and open spaces in the 3Land development area can be distinguished as particularly sustainable.

The development of the trinational criteria catalog was accompanied by Zimraum Raum + Gesellschaft GmbH.