3Land spatial concept (2015)

The 3Land spatial concept presents possibilities for the development of the entire project area. The focus is on nature and landscape, mobility, uses and urban development.

Based on the planning agreement, the office LIN Architecture – Urbanisme was commissioned at the end of 2013 to develop a spatial concept for the 3Land.

At the heart of the spatial concept are extensive, public green spaces and riverside paths, three bridges connecting the countries, and a concept that sees the area lying on three countries as a shared space - with individually designed neighborhoods in each country.

The spatial concept was presented in 2015 in a traveling exhibition in the three cities of Basel, Weil am Rhein and Huningue. The exhibition was accompanied by numerous events in which the spatial concept was discussed with the interested public, as well as a survey of visitors. The evaluation of the survey is part of the complete documentation of the spatial concept 3Land.

Overview of the proposals in the spatial concept

1. Bring the landscape into the city:

Landscapes and public spaces with multiple uses throughout the project area

  • Connection of the large landscape areas to the Rhine
  • Opening of the riverside areas for pedestrians and cyclists

2. Creating new opportunities through new connections:

Well-coordinated mobility services for a permeable and connected area.

  • X-scheme for public transport, enlargement of the tramway network via new Rhine bridges and improvement of pedestrian and bicycle paths
  • Public transport hub at the level of the new Rhine bridge with stations in Basel and Huningue and connection to Saint-Louis

3. Create synergies together:

Cross-border planning for an innovative and active urban area

  • Mixed programming for all areas in favor of balance and flexibility
  • Three programmatic focuses across the perimeter : Campus Laboratory, Urban Vis-à-vis, Vis-à-vis across the Rhine

4. Building the future together:

Connecting old and new quarters for a cross-border project

  • Accessibility of all riverbank areas to the public
  • Connecting old and new neighborhoods through open spaces and paths

The six-part spatial concept

Our six-part spatial concept is available in German and French.