Workshop on urban development in the 3Land

Picture during the workshop

On Thursday, June 20, 2024, a workshop on spatial and urban planning in the 3Land took place. It was the prelude to further reflections on the project as the 10th anniversary of the project's "spatial concept" approaches.

The main objective was to exchange on the urban and planning projects that have been realized in the perimeter on both sides of the border since the development of the vision of the “Spatial Concept” in 2015. It provided an opportunity to take stock and reflect on common perspectives for the future.

In addition to those responsible for spatial and urban planning from all project partners, colleagues involved in the economic perimeter also took part. Their contribution was valuable to outline a comprehensive working approach and to better understand the issues and challenges of the different stakeholders in the area.

The workshop made it possible to:

  • Understand the current challenges and the respective working methods of the partners.
  • To learn about practices and approaches to specific projects.
  • Reflect on ways to create "the conditions for encounters" in 3Land
Picture during the workshop

The various ideas and approaches that emerged from the workshop are very encouraging and will make it possible to concretize the cooperation. The discussion in the plenary session continued lively during the informal aperitif. It is therefore a very positive conclusion that we can draw from this workshop!

Many thanks for the preparatory work, which enabled a very constructive exchange, and many thanks to the Franco-German interpreters who facilitated the discussion and helped to open up the circle of participants.

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