Trinational workshop on climate change adaptation measures

A workshop to share best practices towards climate action

Presentation of the climate adaptation planning of Weil am Rhein ©TEB

Climate change is a hot topic on both sides of the Rhine. Because of its highly urban character, the cross-border district of 3Land is directly affected by global warming. The cities have to adapt to the resulting issues, such as urban heat islands, water resource management, the use of sustainable mobility or the decline of biodiversity. These topics are common to all the 3Land project partners. But how do they adapt? This question was the main concern of the trinational workshop on climate change adaptation measures!

During this workshop, representatives from Weil am Rhein, Saint-Louis Agglomeration, Saint-Louis, and the canton of Basel-Stadt presented the measures implemented in their territories. The presentations provided an overview of the current actions, from climate analysis to measures to reduce soil sealing and awareness-raising among the population. In the subsequent Q&A phase, the 21 participants exchanged ideas and explored individual aspects. The conclusion of the workshop is the following: all partners are aware of the challenges and are tackling them, but there is no cross-border coordination so far.


21 participants met to discuss climate adaptation ©TEB

The observations made during the workshop confirmed the existence of a common issue for all the partners. Adaptation to climate change is therefore a promising topic for cross-border cooperation and, potentially, for the development of new trinational projects...?

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