Three countries in 90 minutes

Looking back on the guided 3Land tours in 2022

Guided tour through the 3Land project area (c) TEB

In the past year, about 15 groups visited the project area with the office of the Trinational Eurodistrict Basel and the 3Land partners.

Citizens, students and administration representatives of the three countries were able to get their own impression of the exemplary development projet. Within 90 minutes, they walked or biked form the Dreiländereck through the Basel port area to the Friedlingen Rheinpark and then across the Three Countries Bridge to the French river bank in Huningue. Depending on interest, cross-border cooperation, mobility or open space planning were explored in greater depth.

The the participants' questions and feedback were a great enrichment for the 3Land partners! We will be delighted to offer further guided tours in 2023.

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