The 3Land as guest at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Judith Lenhart, project manager of the 3Land, explained to the PhD students, lecturers and other participants to what extent the 3Land has been undergoing a transformation for ten years now. This neighborhood, shaped by the Rhine at the ‘Dreiländereck’ of Switzerland, France and Germany, arouses the interest of the academic level because of the challenges it poses for urban planning. The participants, who are preparing or writing their doctoral theses, were particularly interested in the cross-border transformation process of the port area in the new sustainable district and the trinational dimension of the project.

The subsequent discussion session with the participants allowed to answer their questions and to hear their views and ideas. During the whole seminar there was a mutual exchange of information and knowledge, so that the coordination cell returned to the ‘Dreiländereck’ with many new ideas!

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