Cross-border architecture competition

Foto der Austellung

Since September, 2 500 pupils from the Upper Rhine region have been working on the creation of architectural models on the competition theme of "Living between heaven and earth". The 3Land project team was part of the jury.

The 3Land project team is delighted to have been part of the jury for the cross-border "Oscar 2024" competition. The competition was organized by the European House of Architecture on the Upper Rhine in collaboration with the Drumrum Raumschule in Basel.

The trinational jury, which met on June 19.2024  in Basel at the Drumrum Raumschule studio, analyzed the 27 models on display. The jury, which was made up of an urban planner, an urban sociologist and students of architecture and political science, deliberated on the basis of various criteria. Particular attention was paid to the connection to this year's theme "Living between heaven and earth", the creativity and quality of the project and the references used.

Model of the 2024 school architecture competition - 1

It was particularly impressive to see such mature projects that were conceptually thought through not only in terms of design, but also in terms of social and environmental considerations. Some visual proposals emphasized the use of solar panels, and the development of green spaces. One of the award-winning models, for example, also took into account the social dimension of living together.

The award ceremony, which was attended by the students, their parents and teachers from Basel and Freiburg im Breisgau, was a very convivial moment.

We would like to thank the European House of Architecture and the Drumrum Raumschule for organizing this educational event and congratulate the students on their accomplished experimental and inspiring creations.

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