The 3Land at the Architecture Days 2023

From September 22 to October 31, the 23rd edition of the Architecture Days took place across the Upper Rhine region, organized by the European Architecture House. In this context, the TEB offered two cycling tours through the 3Land project area. The first tour took place in German on Tuesday, October 3, and the second in French on Saturday, October 7.

Stopover in the Rhine port of Basel ©TEB
Temporary uses in Kleinhüningen-Klybeck ©TEB

In total, 35 people participated in the two tours to get to know the 3Land project. The program was diverse and athletic! The cycling tours provided participants with the opportunity to grasp the size and diversity of the project area. Key locations of 3Land were presented at various stops: the bike path between Huningue and Basel, the Klybeck-Kleinhüningen district, the Vis-à-vis Huningue-Weil am Rhein, or the new Les Jetées district in Huningue. Various project themes were explored, such as the redevelopment of areas for new uses, mobility and bridge construction, biodiversity protection, and the complexity of cross-border collaboration.

Guided tour through the Rheinpark in Weil am Rhein © Christoph Geisel/Kammergruppe Lörrach, Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg

On October 28, the 3Land project manager Judith Lenhart also contributed to the Saturday walk of the Architects Chamber of Baden-Württemberg, Lörrach group. Together with Christian Renner, construction department head of the city of Weil am Rhein, and 15 participants, they explored the newly designed Rhine banks in Huningue and Weil am Rhein.

During all tours, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and exchange information about ongoing and future plans. We sincerely thank everyone for their interest and enthusiasm!

Group photo at the Dreilândereck ©TEB

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