A new brochure to understand and overcome the challenges of joint planning

A brochure on the "Principles of joint planning for a trinational district in 3Land"

Developing a trinational district is not a simple task. Within 3Land, there are three different planning concepts and systems, with instruments and documents specific to each country. How to understand and overcome these differences? The new brochure "Principles for joint planning of a trinational district in 3Land" provides the answer!


Meeting for a joint planning ©TEB

Developed by the “Coordination Unit 3Land”, with the support of the project partners, the European Union's Interreg V Upper Rhine program and the Swiss Confederation's New Regional Policy, the brochure shows:

  • the challenges of cross-border cooperation, which are specific to the development of a trinational district in 3Land,
  • the planning levels, instruments and documents of each country,
  • the concrete solutions to these challenges, provided by the "3Land method".

The three cities of Huningue (F), Weil am Rhein (D) and Basel (CH) are working on similar topics. Located on the Rhine, they are characterized by their port and industrial areas and face challenges in terms of mobility, accessibility of the Rhine banks and sustainability. The joint development of this area therefore increases coherence and efficiency of the efforts. This constitutes a benefit for the urban and sustainable development.

In order to achieve this common development, it is necessary to understand the challenges that the development of a trinational district implies. The brochure summarizes the main differences between France, Germany and Switzerland. It gives an overview of the three planning systems, detailing and comparing the documents and instruments used.

It describes the "3Land method", a working method that allows the planning project to be organized and coordinated in the best possible way by giving each partner an appropriate and equitable participation in the project.

In addition, the brochure also contains a list of technical vocabulary, including the terms spatial planning and mobility in German and French. It therefore provides all the keys to facing the challenges of the joint planning of a trinational district in 3Land!

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