3Land – Study trip to Antwerp

From May 13 to 16, the TEB team and 3Land project partners travelled to Antwerp (BE) to discover the city's development and mobility projects. The aim of the trip? To draw inspiration from Antwerp's achievements, methods and development vision, and apply them to the 3Land project.

A rich and exciting program awaited our 21 participants! The first day was devoted to land-use planning and urban development, and provided an overview of the city's overall development vision. Myriam Heuvelman, CEO of AG Vespa, and Valerie Van de Velde, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator for the City Architect, presented urban development strategies and current real estate projects. In the afternoon, participants discovered recent urban transformations with a guided tour of the Eilandje and Cadiz districts and the park Spoor Nord. The day ended with a visit to the Havenhuis, a landmark building designed by architect and urban planner Zaha Hadid.

The second day focused on transport and mobility issues. Patrick van Cauwenberge, Commercial Relations Advisor at the Port of Antwerp, gave a presentation on the port's operations and its central position in Europe. He then reviewed the port's current development strategies. The 3Land partners also met Koen Kennis, Deputy Mayor in charge of mobility issues, who gave them a general overview of the issues at stake. Accompanied by the LANTIS Company, they presented the concrete achievements made in different parts of the city. Thanks to a bike tour, participants were able to end the day with a different view of the city, while integrating the practice of soft mobility in Antwerp.

We'd like to thank all the partners who took part in this trip, as well as all the participants we were lucky enough to meet, who made for some fascinating exchanges!

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