3Land presents its climate measures at the Euro-Institute

As a guest at the workshop on "Climate Impact Adaptation - Best Practices from the Cities on the Upper Rhine" at the Euro-Institut in Kehl, the 3Land project manager reported on the work being done in the project area on this topic. The workshop also provided an opportunity to learn more about the cross-border projects and implementations in the field of climate in the Upper Rhine.

The 3Land project manager presents climate measures

The workshop program included a presentation of the French, German and Swiss framework for action as well as current cross-border projects with regard to climate change adaptation. In this second part of the program, the 3Land project manager gave an overview of the achievements in favor of climate. She described the 3Land method for joint trinational urban planning, the strategy for public and ecological spaces, and the latest workshop on climate change adaptation organized with project partners.

Sign Euro-Institute

Adaptation to climate change, which is a key issue for the 3Land district, was addressed in many different ways. The workshop also provided an opportunity to exchange experiences with participants from local authorities, associations and companies.

We would like to thank the Euro-Institute and TRION-climate for their invitation and for the organization of this very instructive workshop.

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