Let's build the cross-border cooperation of the future!

On November 17, the 3Land project took part in the partnership event of the Alsatian cross-border cooperation scheme (Schema alsacien de coopération transfrontalière - SACT), organized by the European Collectivity of Alsace (Collectivité européenne d’Alsace – CeA). Frédéric Bierry (president of the CeA), Pascale Schmidiger (10th vice-president of the CeA in charge of Alsatian heritage and promotion, member of TEB’s board of directors and mayor of Saint-Louis) and Thomas Zeller (Alsace councilor, vice-president of the TEB and mayor of Hégenheim) provided information on

  • the current status of SACT implementation,
  • the new cooperation fund and
  • the future online platform for SACT projects.
The 3Land project at the CeA partnership event ©TEB
Alsatian cross-border cooperation scheme ©CeA

After the presentation of several cross-border projects, the 3Land project manager contributed to the discussion on facilitating cross-border projects: Projects like 3Land often face unique challenges, such as cultural differences, diverse regulations and language barriers. 3Land’s project manager provided insight into how the project successfully navigates these obstacles, highlighting best practices and lessons learned.

Thanks to its innovative nature, the 3Land project is one of the SACT labelled projects. The SACT was developed in collaboration with the CeA’s French, German and Swiss partners. It reflects a desire to unite around shared historical, cultural and linguistic interest interests. It highlights projects that promote a high quality of life in the face of challenges that do not stop at borders: climate, environmental protection, health risks…

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