On October 20, 2021, the “3Land coordination cell” participated in the scientific seminar "Quartiers en transition" organized by the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne. On this occasion, the 3Land project was presented to the research actors in the field of urban planning.

The cross-border cooperation in 3Land is attracting interest throughout Europe: In September 2021, the 3Land project received guests from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

In June 2021, the mayors of the twin towns of Weil am Rhein and Huningue celebrated the completion of the Vis-à-vis project in the presence of guests from the three countries. The banks on both sides of the Rhine were transformed into a joint park.

In May 2021, the project partners published two jointly developed documents that will influence development in 3Land in the long term: the “Freiraum- und Naturschutzkonzept 3Land” (3Land open space and nature conservation concept) and the trinational criteria catalog “nachhaltiges 3Land durable”.