IBA Basel 2020

Between 2010 and 2020, an Internationale Bauausstellung (International Building Exhibition) was held simultaneously in three countries for the first time. It promoted the implementation of numerous cross-border spatial development projects. The 3Land project received the IBA label due to its model cross-border processes.

For more than 100 years, international building exhibitions have been among the most successful instruments of spatial and urban development in Germany.

Under the motto "Growing together across borders", an International Building Exhibition overcame nation-state borders for the first time and took place simultaneously in three countries - Germany, France and Switzerland. With the help of the IBA Basel, they used the common potential of the agglomeration and developed a coherent living space for the inhabitants.

Der IBA Film zum 3Land

The 3Land as a pilot area for Europe

There are 33 border regions across Europe, three of them trinational, but only the trinational agglomeration of Basel is planning cross-border urban development. Thus, the 3Land became a pilot area for Europe within the framework of the IBA Basel and literally implemented the motto of the IBA.

The IBA label for exceptional model character

The 3Land is one of more than 40 other IBA projects. After its pre-nomination in 2016, the 3Land project received the IBA label in 2019 for its exceptional model character beyond the region's borders. Even though this project exceeds the time horizon of the IBA Basel 2020, it is a perfect example of the processes that make successful trinational cooperation possible in the first place. The needs of the region are the focus, rather than the interests of individuals. In the process, IBA Basel created the conditions that are needed for a sustainable, new perspective in everyday planning.