Starting point

Economic structural change will transform the port and industrial area around the ‘Dreiländereck’ in the coming years. Huge areas can be redeveloped or repurposed.

The three cities of Huningue, Weil am Rhein and Basel have recognized the opportunity that synergies arise with joint planning. They seize the unique opportunity to develop a large area in a coordinated and cross-border, sustainable and innovative way. The overarching joint planning and the coordinated individual planning of the cities will allow the cities to grow closer together in the coming years.


The perimeter of the 3Land-project

The project area at the ‘Dreiländereck’ includes neighborhoods of the cities of Huningue, Weil am Rhein, Basel and Saint-Louis. The Palmrain Bridge in the north and the Dreirosen Bridge in the south border the area. The two bridges connect Germany and France as well as two quarters of the city of Basel.

This area covers a total of 597 hectares. On about 82 hectares of it (approx. 120 football fields), space for 20,000 jobs and inhabitants is to be created in the next decades.

The 3Land in change

Only in the last century did the area grow more and more together with the three neighboring towns of Weil am Rhein, Huningue and Basel. Today, it forms a continuous urban area with a long (shared) port and industrial history. Embark on a journey through time in the 3Land!

Le chemin de fer entre Bâle et Strasbourg vers 1938


Opening of the railroad line Strasbourg – Basel

Ship bridge from Friedlingen to Huningue around1930 ©Unbekannt/Quelle: Stadtarchiv Weil am Rhein


Ship bridge from Friedlingen to Huningue

The postcard, owned by Peter Friedrich Werla, shows the Schwarzenbach company in Friedlingen around 1910.


Opening of the first dye works in Friedlingen: Emergence of the textile industry

Rhine port St. Johann with port cranes on runners between 1911 and 1937


Commissioning of the first St. Johann harbour in Basel

General strike 1919: Tramline 6 under military escort


Tramway 9 from Basel to Huningue (until 1932)

View of today's port basin 1 of the Rhine port in Kleinhüningen


Construction of Switzerland's first harbor basin in Kleinhüningen

Image follows


Construction of the transshipment facility at Klybeckquai

General strike 1919: Tramline 6 under military escort


First continuous tramway line 6 from Basel to Lörrach (until 1938)

The Rhine harbor in Weil am Rhein in the 1930s ©Unbekannt/Quelle: Stadtarchiv Weil am Rhein


Opening of the Rhine port in Friedlingen

Panorama view of the Dreirosenbrücke September 1934


Inauguration of the first Dreirosenbrücke

Construction of the harbor basin 2


Construction of port basin 2 in Basel

L'aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse en 1958, Source


Opening of the Basel-Mulhouse binational airport (today EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg)

The German delegation on the way to the center of the Palmrainbrücke on its inauguration ©Unbekannt/Quelle: Stadtarchiv Weil am Rhein


Opening of today's Palmrainbrücke as a connection between Weil am Rhein and Huningue

Demolition of the textile production facilities in Friedlingen ©Christian Buck/Quelle: Stadtarchiv Weil am Rhein


End of the textile industry in Friedlingen

Image follows


Conversion of the former Schwarzenbach silk weaving mill site: opening of the Kesselhaus cultural centre

The Rheincenter shortly before its opening ©Unbekannt/Quelle: Stadtarchiv Weil am Rhein


Conversion of the Schetty site: opening of the Rhein-Center Weil am Rhein

The trinational Regio-S-Bahn on the platform ©TEB


Inauguration of the trinational Regio-S-Bahn

Novartis Campus with Rhine bank path © Marie Soehnlen


Creation of the Novartis Campus on the former site of the St. Johann harbor

View of the new two-storey Dreirosenbrücke ©Marie Soehnlen


Opening of the new two-storey Dreirosenbrücke

Wolfgang Dietz (Lord Mayor of Weil am Rhein) and Roland Igersheim (President of the Communauté de communes des trois frontières) at the opening of the Dreiländerbrücke ©Unknown/Source: Stadtarchiv Weil am Rhein


Opening of the ‘Dreiländerbrücke” for pedestrians and cyclists between Weil am Rhein and Huningue

Final exhibition of the IBA Basel ©Julien Kauffmann


International Building Exhibition (Internationale BauAusstellung) Basel 2020

Cover of the MVRDV/Cabane/Josephy development vision for the 3Land


Development vision 3Land of MVRDV / Cabane / Josephy: First joint test planning

Signing of the planning agreement ©Andreas Maurer/CH Media: Charles Buttner (President of the Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin), Hans-Peter Wessels (State Councillor of the Canton of BS), Jean-Marc Deichtmann (Mayor of Huningue) and Wolfgang Dietz (OB Weil am


First joint planning agreement: birth of the 3Land

Discussion with Team LIN on the development of the spatial concept 3Land


European funding for the 3Land to carry out further studies (Interreg IV)

Redesign of the Klybeckquai ©Fontana Landschaftsarchitektur


Redesign and start of interim uses Klybeckquai Basel

Tram 8 from Weil am Rhein to Basel ©Marie Soehnlen


Opening of the Tramway 8 extension from Basel to Weil am Rhein

Discussion with Team LIN on the development of the spatial concept 3Land ©Team LIN


Spatial concept 3Land: the common basis for all planning in 3Land

Title page of the second joint planning agreement


Second joint planning agreement for the concretization of the spatial concept 3Land

Tram 3 from Saint-Louis to Birsfelden ©Julien Kauffmann


Tramway line 3 from Saint-Louis to Birsfelden

Cover page of the Trinational Criteria Catalogue for Sustainable Building and Development ©Häseli & Hilti


Creation of the Trinational Criteria Catalogue for Sustainable Building and Development

Cover page of the “Freiraum- und Naturschutzkonzept 3Land” © Gestaltung: Anex & Roth


Elaboration of the open space and nature conservation concept “Freiraum- und Naturschutzkonzept 3Land”

The trinational traffic study of the 3Land by Kontextplan


Trinational traffic study for the deepening of the spatial concept: recommendation of the construction of a new bridge

View from the redesigned Rhine Park in Weil am Rhein to Huningue to the rebuilt river promenade ©Marie Soehnlen


«Vis-à-vis Huningue – Weil am Rhein»: Realization of a cross-border park

The IBA Basel label for the 3Land project


3Land project awarded by IBA Basel 2020

The 3Land coordination cell at the Trinational Eurodistrict Basel ©Julien Kauffmann


European funding for the 3Land to support coordination and communication (Interreg V)

A part of the outdoor area of the newly built children and youth center in Friedlingen ©Marie Soehnlen


Opening of the children and youth center "Juno II" in Friedlingen

Models for the cost calculation of the Rhine bridge


Cost-benefit analysis of a Rhine bridge between Huningue and Basel

The 3Land partners on the occasion of the signing of the 2022 planning agreement


Third joint planning agreement for the follow-up of the "Rhine Bridge" project